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We serves more than two thousand customers all over the world, bringing together hundreds of different products from a number of categories, and making them available on just one platform.

About us

The Joyon Group was launched in 2005 and serves more than two thousand customers all over the world, bringing together hundreds of different products from a number of categories, and making them available on just one platform. As a Wholesale trader we always ensure that all our customers are offered competitive prices when purchasing in bulk. Having said that we are not limited to commercial buyers we also offer great prices for individual buyers.

Our mission

The aim of the Joyon Group as a whole is to enhance our portfolio of products, and to create a network of suppliers that will enable customers to make their own choices with regard to the kind of products that are best suited to their needs. It's our goal to improve the overall customer service experience.

No need to go anywhere else

The Joyon Group is a group of wholesale traders whose primary purpose is to engage in the exporting of items. The Joyon Group is able to bring you hundreds of products in many different major categories, including the likes of apparel, consumer electronics and machinery. It is not just about helping you find everything that you want in platform but we also ensure that we work to your satisfaction specially in terms of delivering your items. Up to date we have had 100% satisfaction from our customers which prompt them coming back to us.

Anywhere and at any time

As a platform, the Joyon Group continues to develop an increasing number of different services, the purpose of which is to assist businesses to find new opportunities and continue to expand and thrive. The Joyon Group is the only platform you need to turn to, in order to be able to satisfy all of your global needs in the world of international business – whether you're contacting foreign suppliers in their own language, or sourcing via your cellular phone.

Help centre Q&A

Do I always have to register an account with you? No. We are very flexible with the orders. We have a team of customer service assistants who are on duty 24/7. Hence, you can also email us the items that you require and we will check its availability and inform you the prices along with an invoice.

What are the methods of payment? There are several methods to pay to us. You can pay us the total value of the invoice via a bank transfer, or by using a third party money transfer providers such as western Union or via paypal. *Please make sure any extra charges that is involved for foreign payments are paid by you in addition to the total due amount in the invoice. And we must receive the exact currency value as per the invoice for us to be able to ship your order.

In which currency do I have to pay to you? We only accept payments in US Dollars hence we expect you to pay us all funds in US Dollars meaning that you may pay equivalent of your currency as per the live exchange rate on the day you make the payment to us.

What is the shipping period? This entirely depend on the country we are dispatching items to. It is our aim to ensure that all our clients receive the goods within three weeks of making the payment to us. We will further communicate with each client about information on shipping and delivery. Shipping charges are usually added to the final invoice.

What is the refund policy? You will have 30 days from the date you receive the items to return any damaged or any item that is not up to your standard provided that all returning items are in the same condition as received by you. We encourage you to write to us first with the order number explaining your reasons for the items being rejected. Then we will inform you how these items can be dispatched back to us. You can return your items for free and we will inform you how you can do it depending on the country you are located at.

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Joyon Group

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